Per Listing Packages

Our per listing packages let you pay for each listing separately.

Please select from one of the following listing types......we hope you share our love of popular music and the propagation of that.

We levy small charges to help fund our network and our small team of permanent contributors.

So that our community does not infringe on the hard work or property of others...please take care to follow our guidelines on Copyright and other proprietary infringements about the information you post.

Please use the correct listing type for your specific needs - the backbone of the site relies on it. So if you want to promote your Venue use Venue Manager or a single tour date use Tour Events Manager - we will not publish dont waste your time. ;)

Tour Events Manager
Freefor a 70 day listing.

post a single tour date

Venue Manager
Freefor a 365 day listing.

post details of your venue

Production Skills
Freefor a 365 day listing.

music freelancers expert listings

Audition Track Manager
$5for a 200 day listing.

Audition Manager

Trade and Exchange
$5for a 65 day listing.

buy, sell and trade any music related goods and services

Music News
Freefor a 200 day listing.

announcements - news

Ticket Seller
$10.99for a 45 day listing.

Post x 1 Music Ticket

Membership Packages

Our membership packages let you submit multiple listings.

    Tour Manager PRO
    $20.99for a 365 day membership.

    mange up to 500 listings dates

    Trade and Exchange PRO
    $99.99for a 365 day membership.

    manage up to 500 listings

    Music News PRO
    $20.99for a 365 day membership.

    manage up 500 music news posts

    Track Manager PRO
    $199.99for a 365 day membership.

    manage up to 20 tracks

    Ticket Seller PRO
    $19.99for a 45 day membership.

    post up to 10 music ticket adverts

 All listings are removed once the listing or membership has expired unless renewed beforehand.